Let the light shine in…

Do you want to open up an otherwise dark interior space in your home, but installing a skylight is either physically impossible or way out of your budget? Well, The Lighting Warehouse has just the solution for you – introducing the LED Panel.

Says Melissa Davidson from The Lighting Warehouse: “LED panels, are the ideal product for illuminating an otherwise dark space in your home or work place. Whether it is in a kitchen, bathroom, office, storeroom or garage, these recessed lights boast an impressively slim profile, they are easy to install, energy efficient and affordable to boot!”

Also designed to replace the traditional fluorescent office-type light fittings, which would be an eye-sore in any elegant interior, LED panels are not only better looking, boasting an elegant aluminium surround and opal diffuser to negate any glare, but they also don’t flicker or hum as is sometimes the case with fluorescents. They boast a very slim profile of only 1cm thick and are lightweight – making them a cinch to install. What’s more is that they are maintenance-free as there are no globes or tubes that need replacing due to the built-in LEDs, and they are designed to last for up to 30 000 hours. They are incredibly energy efficient and all the parts are 100% recyclable – making these lights an incredibly “green” addition to any home.

The Lighting Warehouse offers the following two types of LED panels:

The Rectangular LED panel (code: 20442)

Measuring 600mm by 1200mm, the Rectangular LED panel from The Lighting Warehouse was designed to replace the traditional three-tube fluorescent recessed office-type fittings. This recessed panel light boasts an incredible bright wattage of 72 watts and exudes a 4000K cool white colour. POR

The Square LED panel (code: 20441)

Measuring 600mm by 600mm, the Square LED panel  from The Lighting Warehouse is a great addition to any small and dark interior space. It has a wattage of 40 watts and exudes a 4000K cool white colour. POR.


Visit www.lightingwarehouse.co.za to find a store closest to you, or to shop online for these products visit:  https://lightingwarehouse.co.za/product-category/indoor/led-panels/

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