LED strip lights are becoming a popular part of modern residential and commercial lighting design due to their efficiency, colour options, brightness and ease of installation. We speak to Melissa Davidson from leading lighting supplier, The Lighting Warehouse, about this incredible lighting product.

 LED strip lights are incredibly versatile, and thanks to the fact they are really easy to install, they can be used to provide illumination to areas you’ve only dreamed about. Says Melissa Davidson from leading lighting supplier, The Lighting Warehouse: “LED strip lights have completely redefined both indoor and outdoor residential and commercial lighting in a big way. Their popularity stems from the fact that they offer so many benefits, including the fact that they are incredibly energy efficient due to their LED technology; they are really easy to install; they are inconspicuous and ideal for use in small, awkward spaces; and they boast a very long lifespan, which is great for the pocket, as well as their overall carbon footprint.”

LED strip lights can be used for a wide variety of applications to great effect, explains Melissa, who goes on to provide some inspiration of just some of the interesting places where they can be installed:

  • Ceilings: Installing LED strip lights around ceiling bulkheads or cornices provides a convenient and inexpensive way to add interest to your ceiling and to highlight notable architectural details.
  • Stairs: LED strips can be added to stairs both below the railing or underneath the tread – making them safer and more attractive at night.
  • Mirrors: Backlighting a mirror with LED strips is a modern and updated take on traditional large vanity mirror bulbs. It also creates a soft glow and provides a very even level of lighting, limiting shadows for excellent task lighting.
  • Shelving: LED strip lights on shelves can be used to showcase your favourite books, collectibles, artwork, or other objets d’art in an interesting way.
  • Closets and cabinetry: LED strip lights can also be used to light up dark closets, cupboards, and pantries and make them easier to search through. They can also be used to great effect for under-cabinet task lighting in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as to highlight kickplates – making them an attractive feature.
  • Picture frames: By adding LED strips to the back of an existing frame, you can enhance your photos, prints, and artwork and make them stand out even more. Plus, LEDs don’t emit heat, making them safe to use when displaying valuable pieces of art.
  • Outdoor lighting: If properly rated, LED strips can be used outdoors as well. Look for an IP65 rating, or higher, for applications in areas where they will be splashed, rained on, or exposed to dust and dirt. They can be used to great effect for outdoor railings, stair treads, pathways, under-roof soffits, patios and decks.

Melissa says that the Lighting Warehouse has just launched a new range of 12V LED strip light kits: “The new range is available in 5-metre lengths, which come with their own driver. The strip itself is approximately10mm wide and very thin, measuring only 2mm in thickness, making them super versatile. Says Melissa: “A great benefit is that these LED strip lights are also IP65-rated, which means that they are weatherproof and can withstand all the elements, even direct rainfall. This makes them ideal for outdoor applications, as well as for use in wet areas in the home, such as the bathroom and kitchen for example.”

These LED strip lights are really easy to install, they come with adhesive backing that allow for super easy installation – meaning no electrician is needed for safe and functional installation. They are available in warm white (3000k), daylight white (6500k), and RGB colour-changing. The RGB strip light kit comes with a remote that allows you to choose from 16 pre-set colour settings, including the standard red, green and blue, as well as white.  Apart from the standard illumination, you can also select flashing, strobe and fading functions to add to the fun.

These new strip light kits available from The Lighting Warehouse are as follows:

  • The 5m warm white LED strip light kit (code: 20255)
  • The 5m cool white LED strip light kit (code: 7754)
  • The 5m RGB LED strip light kit with remote (code: 20256)

Visit www.lightingwarehouse.co.za to find a store closest to you, or to shop online for these products, visit: https://lightingwarehouse.co.za/product-category/globe/led-striplights/

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