Your web site seems comprehensive in that there are many choices. I think you are missing a trick or two though. Firstly, I normally do online shopping on my iPad and the experience around that could be improved a lot. There is a lot of flickering and instability with menus. Secondly , I think you are missing a big cross selling opportunity. The one thing your sales team in-store are really good at – ensuring I walk out the store with bulbs that fit and create the lighting I want. Your light descriptions on the site are very sparse and don’t even tell me if the bulb is screw-in or bayonet. I recently ordered 3 desk lamps from you which arrived promptly without bulbs. Luckily I had some screw-in bulbs that were perfect for them. But if I hadn’t, you wouldn’t have seen that sale as I would have gone to the most convenient solution for me – Builders up the road. You should cross link on your web site from light to bulbs, or bulb range appropriate to the light. You could also help us laymen with more information about light colour. Personally I prefer the warmer end of the spectrum – but I had to google what that was in terms of K because you didn’t help me with that. Don’t regard your web site as a catalogue, help your consumers through the process – try and replicate your in-store experience with your excellent sales staff. Think about using landing pages with examples of the lights rather than menu options. Do consumers know the different labels for your types of outdoor lights, for instance? I am intelligent and educated, but I don’t work in your industry so show me example photos of the various types of outdoor lights with your labels underneath. I will know what I am looking for but I don’t speak your language. Come into my world, don’t force me to learn yours.