Fast processing and offered delivery within a day of ordering.
Issue though:
Online website shopping. The search function is useless.
Took me quite a maze to get to led globes.
1. Search Globes and you find yourself looking at pendant lights for the bedroom.
2. Search Led globes and you get shown complete light units that’s got nothing to do with the actual globes.
3. Search downlighters and the same happens.
No reference to the downlighter globes or fittings.
Very frustrating.
Had the same experience each time I made use of the search function in the past as well.
Reference words programmed on the website should be broadened to include words we as the public actually use describing the type of things related to lighting.
If you don’t use the exact wording “globe packs” it’s a wild goose chase finding them using “globes” or “Led downlighters”.
Luckily I found reference to globe packs and it jogged my memory and that is where I found my globes/lights.