The energy efficient and gorgeously designed Mooni solar outdoor lighting range is here just in time for summer – we speak to Melissa Davidson from The Lighting Warehouse about this designer range of lighting.

02 November 2016  Johannesburg: Imported by The Lighting Warehouse, the Mooni range of solar lighting comprises lights that are both functional and decorative – ideal for your garden, outdoor place, and also indoors. Says Melissa Davidson from The Lighting Warehouse: “Simplicity, function and atmosphere – the Mooni solar products have been recognised and rewarded for their streamlined, distinctive and unique design.”

Why solar lights?

Solar lighting offers a flexible and more economic means of lighting options. Melissa explains: “You don’t have to pay for electricity, but more important is the fact that you don’t need to install any wiring. You simply remove the solar light from the packaging, put it in a sunny spot in your garden, and you’re done. You don’t even need to think about turning them on and off, because Mooni solar lights have a built-in darkness sensor.”

She says that the technology for outdoor solar lighting is rapidly improving, and the Mooni brand features only the latest and most innovative solar solutions. “The differentiator of the Mooni solar lighting range is that they boast a beautiful design, they shine brighter and the products’ run-time is best in class.”

How do solar lights work?

To give you a better sense of how solar lights work, Melissa offers and overview of the two basic components that make solar lighting possible:

Solar Panel: The solar panel has a photovoltaic cell inside, which converts sunlight to an electrical current. A solar panel’s effectiveness depends on its size and the quality of the solar cell and the transparency of the protective cover.

The solar cells are wired directly to a rechargeable battery that stores the electricity generated by the cell. A diode located between the cell and the battery ensures that electricity only flows in one direction: into the battery. Mooni uses NiMH batteries, because they stand up better to the frequent charge and release cycles than standard NiCAD batteries. NiMH batteries also have a significant environmental benefit, as they can be disposed of without harming the environment.

Mooni products comprise:



  • Quarter cornets bollard (code: 18907): Boasting 1 x LED light, you can stake these bollard lights directly in the garden.
  • Spot solar bollard (code: 20470): Boasting 1 x warm white LED light, you can stake these bollard lights directly in the garden. The head is also swivel adjustable.
  • Spark solar bollard twinpack (code: 20472): Boasting 1 x warm white LED light, you can stake these bollard lights directly in the garden, or make use of the cup at the bottom where screws can be added to install on for instance a wooden deck.
  • Mr X black and silver  (code: 18910 and 18911): Including 4x LED lights, you can stake these super bright bollard lights directly in your garden. These lights boast a durable aluminium structure with frosted glass for a pleasing contemporary look.
  • Gople bollard green (code: 19261): Boasting 2 x LED lights, you can stake these bollard lights directly in your garden.
  • Ra bollard 3 in 1 set (code: 19644): One set comprises 3 bollards with single white LEDs each which you can stake directly in your garden.
  • Snail cornet bollard (code: 21839): Boasting 1 x LED light, you can stake these bollard lights directly in the garden.
  • Aton 650 – available in black (code: 18916) and in white (code: 21171): This free-standing bollard includes 1x LED light, and for stability you can fill the body up with sand or water.



  • Take me lantern (code: 18908): Comprising a solar lantern with 4 x super bright LED lights and a USB socket, so that you can charge your electronic devices.




  • Snail cornets hanging (code : 21837 also code 19054): Gorgeous solar lantern made specifically to hang with single white LED light, leave in a sunny place to charge all day and then hang in your trees or on patio pergola for some romantic ambience.



  • Blowfish table (code: 18913): X1 LED light in a glass and anodized aluminium container. An alternative to the traditional tealight, simply leave outdoors in the sun on your patio table to soak up the sun during the day and the Blowfish will turn on automatically at night. Adds a romantic twinkle to any indoor or outdoor dinner table, in the bathroom, our around you patio area.
  • Chochin solar table lantern lights  – various colours (codes: 19645 (black), 19646 (blue), 19647 (pink), 19648 (red), 19649 Pale yellow)): Bright and fun with single white LED lights inside –  use as a table light or hang in a nearby tree after charging for some night time “light scaping”! Simply leave outdoors in the sun on your patio table to soak up the sun during the day and the Chochin will turn on automatically at night.
  • Turner single white and single black and – Turner Wave (codes: 18921 (white), 18922 (black), and 19259 (clear)): The Turner has the traditional tea light design, but with the benefit that there is no flame that can be extinguished by the wind, and of course, there is no chance of dripping melted wax. Each light contains x1 super bright warm white LED light inside. Simply place the Turner on your table with the solar panel facing upwards in the day to absorb the sun’s rays, and then at night, simply turn over and hey presto – an automatic tealight.  The Turner “wave” has a glass body.



  • Solar ground light 2 pack (code: 18919): These little ground lights are perfect for lighting up pathways or driveways that get full sun. They also provide the perfect solution for lighting up your decking – simply screw them in.